Friday, January 25, 2013

Book: Judas Unchained - Peter F. Hamilton

May the aliens shiver...


A sequel to the Pandora's Star  tells the story of the epic end game of the struggle between humans and the evil aliens the Primes. Not very surprisingly humans prevail after some moral dilemmas which are solved by an unruly hippie... Of course. The story flows nicely without unnecessary stalls. For a fairly long book (~1000 pages) its very fast to read. As a stand-alone book this will not work. It's expected that you know what happened before.

Conspiracy by Apple...?


One odd detail stole my attention. There were several references in Finnish things. Like one minor character and a planet named after a Finnish town. And make no mistake. The low Finnish birth rate will make sure that no planets will be named after our towns. At first they kind of seamed out of place and my crooked mind instantly thought  " Could it be that Apple modifies the details of the books based on the purchase location... " Damm... Changing these minor details would bring just enough patriotism in to raise the future sales.  But no. Hamilton has made these references before. Shame. No hidden conspiracy there. But I claim the idea of modified details myself (if it's unclaimed.)

A nice book indeed.

Forget it! - Take it as a gift - Buy it from a discount - Buy a hard cover - For the prime spot on the shelf     

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