Thursday, September 27, 2012

Star Trek - The Motion Picture (DVD): Scotty! Gimme acting skills!

Critic 1

A movie made in a true spirit of the Star Trek. Horrible acting, teasing uniforms (yeah.. Try to make your female employee wear something like that. See you in court.) and impossible problems. Ah... Those were the days. This movie has a odd mix of terrible computer generated scenes and beautiful scale model episodes. The visual effects in general are something that LSD trip would generate... I guess. Make no mistake. This is an extraordinary movie and your date has to be too....      

Critic 2 

In the future a mankind sends spaceships to the outer space and men have encountered many alien species. Maybe the phase of the movie seems to be a bit slow for watchers today. Somehow I got the feeling that the other space movie 2001: A Space Odyssey has been a big influence for those who made this movie. The feeling that space is kinda poetic place is enhanced with long visual scenes   where you can meet strange things and get experiences beyond your senses.

Judgement Star: If just William Chatner could actually act. This would be a excellent movie.

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