Sunday, September 9, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Total waste of your time!

Critic 1

The local movie culture in our country is so that you don't walk out from the theaters if the movie is bad (or worse). During this movie this did happen. And for a good reason. The vampires are sexy yes...But not in this movie. If the acting, effects and plot sucks there is nothing to do. DO NOT APPROACH !!! 

Critic 2

Maybe I didn't understand this movie, either it lost a lot of potential or it was intentionally badly written. The movie contained some very nice visual scenes, but they didn't save the movie. Walker actually somewhat resembles Lincoln from real pictures, but otherwise his action was quite expressionless. The name of the movie promised more than you got.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Total waste of time.
Judgement Star: Total waste of time.

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