Friday, September 7, 2012

Iron Sky: We demand a better script!

Critic 1

I would really like to give this movie a better score but I just can't. I expected something much more simpler based on the Pirkinning. Beautiful to watch but really dull to listen apart of the few good jokes. The dialog and the plot kind of lagged behind throughout the movie. Even with faults the plot of the movie was really unique and combined with the extremely artistic visual effects makes the movie worth your money. Caution with your date. Tolerance of artistic and scifi movies must be high. And it will not hurt if your date has a right wing party membership.       

Critic 2

A nice science fiction movie and showy graphics, I liked kind of old fashioned script. Actors were surprisingly good. Includes also maybe some space battles and black humor.

Judgement Star for Iron Sky
Judgement Star: Fairly balanced but not extraordinary movie.

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