Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ghost Rider: Will waste the time of an innocent soul.

Critic 1

My head was about to burst into a flames when I watched this. Nicolas Cage had this one face acting thing going on (an example here) and the plot was made for teenagers who love the Belsebubian rock bands that do not play that loudly. The flaming head was done nicely and I would really like to know who made The Bike. Selecting a date to go with this movie is a hard thing. The date should love Satan and have a low IQ or huge crush on you in order to enjoy the movie with you. Maybe it's better to leave the movie on the discount shelf in the store...        

Critic 2 

Johnny Blaze made a bad deal, but he got a nice bike and superpowers. Now he can do death rides without actually dying. It's a bit different story than in Ghost Rider comics but tunes are the same. Visual effects in dark corners of the world look nice. The movie starts a bit slowly and continues as a metaphysical journey when supernatural beings fight with each other. Well, there was never a doubt who will win... You may love this movie but most people probably don't like it.

Ghost Rider was not the best movie.
Judgement Star: Some very very mixed feelings here.


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