Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tears of Steel (2012): What ?????

Critic 1

My eye caught an note about this short movie. And short it was. Movie is an "open source" movie much like the Iron Sky but of course much less ambitious. Movie is meant as a Blender showcase.  The computer generated effects are nice but not as cool as in Iron Sky. There is not really much to say about the plot or acting. Other than some of the actors were so obviously amateurs and the plot was... Well... Nonexistent. It left me with this "What was this?" feeling. Suitable only for really fast dates...

Critic 2

A short film free to watch. It lasts only less than 15 minutes and pictures future world inhabited by humans and living machines. It was a bit hard to understand what was happening in the movie, since there were quite many incidents at the same time. Special effects were very well made for the noncommercial movie.

Maybe not fair for a short movie.
Judgement Star: Maybe not fair for a short movie but life is tough...

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