Monday, October 1, 2012

Transformers (2007): May the Stars and Stripes fly...

Critic 1


Usually in the new movies that rely heavily on the computer effects there is at least one "Lets cut some corners" moment where the effects are made with lower resolution or with less details. I just could not spot such a moment in this. A couple of maybe's perhaps. The plot follows the classic outline of the Transformers comics with an obvious "sequel coming" ending. There were some really annoying details that bugged me throughout the movie. As a living robot I would try to loose all the small bits and pieces from my body to ease the transformation. These fellows had done the opposite... Maybe the Industrial Light and Magic needed to make something extra to charge the customer... And the "USA saves us all" mentality. Aaarghhh... Whatever they say Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox did actually a fairly good job with this. Good and easygoing movie for the first dates. Remember that the "we have only one safety belt" trick does not work in ordinary cars....

Critic 2

Alien robots come to earth and meet teenagers. I presume that this movie is targeted to new audience and not to the old transformer fans, who watched animations thirty years ago. Somehow it's a simple and nice idea that living alien robots come to earth and disguise themselves as cars. Story flows nicely, but the movie is a bit too long. A couple of times I even laughed to some bad jokes. Shia LaBeouf makes one of his best roles as a confused teenager who meets a girl from his dreams. Nice visual effects and an easygoing movie, if you don't mind military aspects of the movie.

Good but not very clever movie.
Judgement Star: Good but not very clever movie.


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