Monday, October 8, 2012

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (2009): Yeah! Give no quarter!

Critic 1


The Transformers (2007) followed the spirit of the classic Transformers comic books fairly nicely. This one does not. The deviations are few but significant. For example tn the opening scene Optimus Prime executes a wounded POW. This just does not fly. The act is against everything that OP stands for in the comics. This even overshadows all the jumpy running scenes that follow later in the movie.  Effects are beyond description even though they could have forgotten to animate the two morons. The storyline had some weak spots also. Like the Jordanian military units in Egypt... Do not bother your date with this movie. 

Critic 2


The movie continues the story where previous one was left. It has all the sins of the sequel. I was hoping some character development, but didn't get any. The transformers are more ruthless in this movie, and this feels needless. Lebeouf makes a fairly good role, but that doesn't save the movie. Positive thing in the movie are very well made special effects, they look good. I guess all the money making the film was used in them.

Not very balanced movie.
Judgement Star: A very skewed movie...

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