Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Star Trek - The search for Spock (1984): A budget cut... No...

Critic 1


A solid Star Trek movie with very nice special effects and a reasonably plausible plot. The lack of characters brings up the feeling that maybe the budget has not been so large than before. But this is corrected with (probably accidental) one-lines by Captain Kirk. The Vulcan episode in the end is needlessly long and leaves a bad aftertaste. To be enjoyed with an extraordinary dates.

Critic 2

This movie continues straight after where the previous one in the saga was left. If you didn't see the previous movie there is a short introduction to it. This movie includes first major appearance of Klingons in the Star Trek movies. This brings kind of worthy adversary to humans and vulcans. The Genesis project continues and lessons are taught, otherwise plot doesn't stand up. Computer generated special effects looked very well made taking to into account the year they made.

An average movie.
Judgement Star: A good Star Trek movie.


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