Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Avengers (2012): Suitably megalomanic.

Critic 1


Several of the movies based on comic books have been gruesome disappointments.  This was not. Movie takes you with it subtly and keeps you nailed to the seat without remorse. You never know what to expect next, over magnificent computer generated scenes or some teasing of Captain America about his lack of knowledge about current events... It's annoying how much the superheroes get forgiven tactically. What ordinary band of fighters would cluster within 3 meter radius to wait enemy to get to them... Bad example I say. I don't know in general but at least R. Downey Jr did a good job in this. Over-arrogant characters seem to fit him nicely. Make sure you date likes Marvel comics...    

Critic 2


Basically superheroes form a group and fight with bad guys and sometimes with themselves also... If you are not familiar with comic book superheroes the movie might seem really odd. Earth is going to be conquered and someone has to stop it... When I heard about the movie first time I was thinking that it has to fail. How can a movie with so many superheroes work. It actually is very well written movie (also in a sneaky way) and surprisingly the story flows nicely. Well, I glad that Hawkeye didn't get more screen time, but others I wanted to see more. Sometimes I got the feeling that Whedon was making fun of comics but in a good way...

An excellent movie.
Judgement Star: The Avengers was unexpectedly an excellent movie.

Note: We watched this trough iTunes rent system. Good for our 4 Euros I say...

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