Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Take action! Stop fouling the Optimus Prime!


 A Hero being dishonored


The Autobots are fouled by the unworthy.
Slaughtering POW's. Executing wounded. Does it sound like something that the Optimus Prime, a sworn pacifist, would do? The younger and not so civilized readers may read the description of the OP here.

Specially the two latter of the new Transformers movies have painted a very distorted image of the Optimus Prime. It's not enough that the he is made to do acts against his believes these acts are against all the laws of war... On earth. Being an old military man I just can't stand this. The ways of the terrorist...

I hereby announce that if this post gets more than one thousand +1's (That is less than tenth of Likes of Cats - Kittens - Kitties in the FB) I'll try to contact the evildoers Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg in order to explain the errors in their ways within limits allowed by the laws in my country of residence.

The next Transformers movie is coming June 2014 so plus this post... Fast.

- Critic #1

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