Sunday, October 14, 2012

Poem about the everyday life.

Some car troubles

I was so fed up after the event I describe in this small poem so I just had to get it out somehow. I'm trying to follow the Kalevala style but maybe somebody with better knowledge can comment.  Unfortunately this is in Finnish and looses something in translation... 
Ruoste, peikko pirullinen.
Armotta autoa ahmi.
Inssi pohjaan reikiä lyö.
Nyt alkaa korjaamolla työ.
And the same in English by my best effort: 
Rust, the devilish troll.
Ate my car ruthlessly.
Inspector knocks holes in the bottom.
Now the workshop starts the job.
- Critic #1

Note: Changed the second line from "rumasti autoani söi" to "armotta autoa ahmi". 

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