Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Hunt For Gollum (2009): Orges are coming..!

Critic 1

A short film made in the spirit of  J. R. R. Tolkien crated by an "open source" community (free to watch http://www.thehuntforgollum.com/ ). A mildly confusing bit of story telling if you are not familiar of the minor details in the Lord Of The Rings. Excellent workmanship with the costume design and make-ups. The computer generated bits were not that good but still Ok.  Only for true believers. Choose your date accordingly.

Critic 2

The movie tells the story what happened before the Lord of the Rings movies when Aragorn hunted the Gollum. Movie is actually a very nice short movie and very well made. You can watch it for free! If you don't now anything about middle earth in advance the movie might be a bit hard to follow.

Judgement Star: Surprisingly good movie.

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