Friday, October 5, 2012

Vares - Pimeyden Tango (2012): Waiter! Let the booze flow.

Critic 1

Based on the books by Reijo Mäki the most popular Finnish detective solves his cases and drinks a lot of alcohol again. A very typical Vares movie with excessive scenes in the Uusi Apteekki beer house. Less humor and liberal womens this time. The flow of the movie was kind of forced and it felt that the crew was "just working here". Clearly not the best of the Vares movies. Don't bother your date with this.

Critic 2

Private detective Jussi Vares is in trouble and drunk again. And old crime is still unsolved... People come and go and some of them meet a nasty end. The movie was well made but nothing extraordinary. The story flowed nicely in routine. Not the best but not the worst Vares movie either.

Not very excellent movie.
Judgement Star: Not very extraordinary movie.

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