Friday, October 19, 2012

Star Trek - The Final Frontier (1989): Uhura! One for the team.

The journey trough the Star Trek box continues.... 

Critic 1


After the mild disappointment with the Voyage Home the fresh and unruly spirit of this movie was a pleasant surprise. The first part of the movie was especially lively. The opening desert and bar scenes and Uhura's dance scene were really something out of the blue. The plot of the movie is really good. You just could not see the final goal of the bad guys before it was revealed... And astonishing it was. The visual effects had this 80's feel in them (and I hate it) but what what is done is done. The life goes on. This is a movie to be watched with an extraordinary date.    

Critic 2


This movie of Star Trek saga started maybe a bit surprising scenes, but after a while adventures in space continued. Although the staring of the movie was made with relaxed mode it was well made and conflicts were promised. A plot was somehow above the average. I liked the theme of dreams.

A good movie.
The Judgement Star: A good movie.

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