Sunday, October 14, 2012

Star Trek - The Voyage Home (1986): I thought saving the planet was MacGyver's job...?

Critic 1


Again the Captain Kirk saves the world... Or his own skin at least. The storytelling follows the same semi-crazy-comedy lines than the Search for Spock. This time the hideous 80's computer effects have crawled in and some of the scenes cause headaches. And all the space fights were missing ;(  I'm sorry to say this but this had a feel of a B-movie on it. The Star Trek brand (and Leroy Nimoy's acting skills) bring some prestige to the movie but I have seen better ones. No not bother your date with this... Even extraordinary ones.       

Critic 2


Star Trek saga continues. This movie has environmental conservation message to the audience in the disguise of science fiction movie. Minor characters get more screen time. Includes some funny moments, but lacks feeling of the space as void wilderness. From the movie you can clearly see that it was done in the 1980's which is not necessary a good thing.  

Almost a b-movie.
Judgement Star: Almost a B-movie.

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