Thursday, October 18, 2012

iPad 2: A really expensive pdf reader?

Where is the USB port? Where is the memory card slot?


This falls under the stuff I guess...

I got my iPad 2 from the after Xmas sales near the end of year 2011 (a customer return piece) and I think that it's time to share some of my feelings about it.

First of all it's beautiful, sleek body design and sharp and responsive display. I tried some styluses but noticed very soon that they are not really needed. At least my stubby fingers are accurate enough.

I thought that I would be using the pad as a notebook at the work or lectures but no... The text input was not good enough for it and - to be honest - hand writing works better with a piece of paper.

Another thing I originally planned to use the pad was making of fast drawings. And in this my iPad really excels. You can find really good drawing programs with reasonable prize. Shame that I don't really need to do that so often.

But whatever I create the biggest problem is always "How to move the file". Without any data ports the only viable option is to use email (or something similar). And that just pisses me off every time.

In the endgame I have been using my iPad as a pdf reader or just to surf the internet. And I guess that for example this (in Finnish... Sorry) would do the same things with a much less credit exchange.

- Critic #1

Leave it in trash - Take it as a gift - Buy it from a discount - Buy it full prize - Steal it from the factory

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