Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bambi (1945): A bunch of hidden moral messages...

Yes. The dvd cover says 1945...

Critic 1


I saw this movie last time about 25 years ago... Or so. It felt stupid then with all the singing and dancing and all. Now I looked it with completely fresh eyes. The movie is drawn nicely with this classic "soft touch" which is missing nowadays. The action scenes are really scary when the characters lose their humanity and are draw as a primitive entities. But the real catch are the dual meanings and hidden moral learning's. Don't mess with the boss, women are easy and it's ok to have a "special" friend (just don't show it off too much) and so on. Tune your head to catch these and this is very entertaining movie. A good date movie... If you and your date are four years old.

Critic 2


The animation movie tells about lives of forest animals. The movie begins with a leading role a baby deer and his friends. For young watchers the movie may include some exiting moments where support from an adult is needed. Drawings, backgrounds, and animation are excellent, and there are artistic moments as well (in a good way). Also music fits very well into movie. Watching gives very emotional feeling, there are happy, sad, and exciting moments.  

Bambi is still a fairly good movie.
Judgement Star: Bambi is a good movie if you are four.

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