Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Transformers - Dark of the moon (2011): Conspiracy! I knew it!

Critic 1

The first 30 minutes of this movie were excellent and I waited something special. But no. Even taking account that this time the plot was more complicated than in the two previous movies this was a mediocre movie. The Megan Fox replacement did not have any meaningful part in this and the new Autobot characters were - how would I put it... - cliches. The computer effects were extraordinarily beautiful but it's not enough. The slaughtering in the end scene left a really bad taste. Ok as a date movie... I guess. Just make sure that your date is not a human rights activist. There may be heated discussions after this. And hot discussion was what you were hoping... Yes...   

Critic 2


Third part of the Transformers saga. Somehow it feels like it will become difficult to remember what was difference between the second and the third Transformers movie. I was hoping even some character development. Well, maybe there was some, but I definitely didn't like the direction where it went. The movie includes some funny moments and LaBeouf does again fairly good job. Also cgi-effects were really well made in some spectacular scenes and they looked really great in theater. But I still think that they should use more money to improve storytelling. The movie was also a bit too long.   

Judgement Star: A mediocre movie.

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