Monday, October 15, 2012

The Island (2005): You know that the perfect harmony makes people unhappy...

Critic 1


Growing clones for organ harvesting. It's not the idea, it's the fact that some people would actually pay for such a service that makes me sick. I have a feeling that the technology needed to do this is not so far a way. So watch out the sleazy insurance dealers. Extremely nice movie with balanced action sets, thrilling storyline and surprising turns. Sean Bean is killed again and Steve Buscemi gets to suffer a bit so all the boxes are checked. It's very rare that movie keeps you in it's grasp throughout the duration as this one did. This is a very good date movie. Easygoing and not too complicated..

Warning: Some subliminal advertisement included in this movie...



 Critic 2

The movie tells about future world where humans are really divided to rich and other people, and other people don't have even human dignity. Other people live in the big building and work like always but they never get out. Sometimes someone gets lucky and he or she gets ticket to "The Island".  Everyone are cheering for the one who was lucky to get a passage to a paradise, but the truth will be revealed, and it won't be a nice one. I was hoping more processing of difficult themes, but it's partly lost under the action scenes. Actors are doing a good job.  

A very good movie.
Judgement Star: A very balanced movie.

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