Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 (2009): Sack the engineer!

Critic 1

The end is coming.... Again. A straightforward survival story with some political aspects cooked in. Nothing too bad. The mechanism of the worlds end is almost believable. Too bad that they just found new Mayan calendars that postpone this cataclysm by few years. What I find really disturbing is that Hollywood writers seem to think that  a) It is ok to drag small girls around in a vicinity of a near erupting super volcano while trying to track down a bona fide maniac and b) engineers will design ocean going ships so that you can't start the engines while some loading hatch is open..... C'mon man. A good date movie. It will bring up discussions... Yeah.. That is what you want to bring up. 

Critic 2

The end of the Mayan calender has triggered a few movies where the world threatens to end, and this is one of them. Movie includes stunning scenes of cgi-effects, where earthquakes hit the cities and tons of water will sweep the earth. The movie also hints of critics towards to modern society where money rules. Unfortunately there are too many obvious plot twists in the story. This movie should be watched in theater from a big screen. Will world end or not, I will leave to the watcher to see. 

Not very good movie
Judgement Star: Not very extraordinary movie.

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