Friday, November 2, 2012

Skyfall (2012): The best Bond movie so far...?

Critic 1


Impeccable outlook, fast cars and bold determination that the bad guys don't actually score hits. This is what I expect from the 007 character. And how I disappointed.... In a good way. Now our Mr. Bond gets shot and even slightly ragged. A human touch on the previously so inhumanly cool character. Barring the character development this was a business as usual Bond movie. The girls were beautiful (but surprisingly few) and villains were in general no mach for 007. I could spot one or two cut corners in the visual effects but nothing catastrophic. A solid choice as a date movie.  

Critic 2


In this latest movie James Bond is more serious than ever, most of jokes and scifi gadgets are gone. But a certain realism fits in the mood of the movie, even Bond shows signs of being only a normal human, but without loosing his coolness as being an iconic character. Some scenes reveal realistic filming beauty, which I didn't expect to see in the Bond movie. I really liked the style of the movie, when despite being an action movie it wasn't an hyperactive one, which seem to be a current trend in action movies.    

A nearly perfect movie.
Judgement Star: A nearly perfect movie.

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