Saturday, November 3, 2012

Star Trek - The Undiscovered Country (1991): Orders... Disobey naturally.

Critic 1


For once the Captain Kirk has to deal with a non-epic enemy. This time he just has to deal with Klingon empire and traitors within Starfleet. And it's a good thing. For once there is a room for proper plot development and character introduction. The epic enemy and the psychedelic images of it are not stealing the show as in some of the earlier Star Trek movies. Nice computer effects in not-so-80's style and suitable amount of action and drama. But the epic space battles were still missing. As always with the classic Star Trek movies to be watched only with a special date.   


Critic 2


This movie of Star trek saga kind of reminds me of a detective story. A peace treaty lies on an uncertain ground and the crew of the Enterprise has to save the day. The story starts a bit slowly, but when it gets going it keeps watchers interest in high level all the time. Story proceeds nicely and steadily. Sadly there are not big space fights or epic visions from outer space. But it's not a bad thing that story was not left behind of special effects. 

One of the best classic Star Treks.
Judgement Star: The undiscovered Country is one of the best classic Star Treks.

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