Monday, November 12, 2012

Argo (2012): Ben Affleck's best... So far.


 Critic 1


Oh... The old times. It was allowed to smoke in the airplane and champagne was served even in the economy class... And there was a need for proper spies. And you really have to honor the bravery of these men. The story that Argo tells is not possible anymore. It's all too high tech nowadays. The plot of the movie is based on a true story and nice it is. Not too high flying to be unbelievable but tricky enough to be really captivating. Not much of action and the few computer effects were really lame. Setting these minor details aside Ben does a good job with this movie both as a leading actor and as a director. Argo is a good movie. Take your date to see it. 


Critic 2


Based on true story, this movie tells about an agent trying to save lives in the 70s. There was a revolution in Iran. Plot develops nicely and there are exciting moments, and you don't know how it will end (or maybe someone has heard the story in advance). The plot is realistic, no booming action scenes, but it doesn't matter. Couple of times I was thinking that did it really happened this way in reality, but in whole this moments didn't matter. Not a brilliant but a good movie with feeling of the 70's.    

a really good movie.
Judgement Star: Argo is a good movie. Even with Ben Affleck.

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