Saturday, December 1, 2012

Looper (2012): A ruined future indeed..

Critic 1


Our dear western culture teaches us that the life of a child is precious and must be protected at any cost. But is it so? In the wild weak, ill and young are the first to perish. In this movie our basic values around this topic are tested... Along with some physics laws. Besides different than usual motivation the plot of the movie is a standard seek-and-kill, bad versus even worse and so on.  In general a good movie without a special edge. A solid option as a date movie.

Critic 2


Looper is a science fiction movie with time traveling. But somehow time traveling theme is more intelligent than usually and also other themes in the movie as well. A cyclic nicely written plot leaves some mysteries to the watcher, but you shouldn't think them too much after the movie. During the movie you can just relax and enjoy the movie or you can start thinking all the thing related to time traveling. Luckily also the movie acknowledges this. Actors are better than usually.     

A nice movie.
Judgement Star: Looper is a nice movie


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