Friday, December 21, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) - Feels like a fairytale.

Critic 1


First of all I have to mention that we saw the HFR version of this movie and oh boy... It was really worth it... Picture was sharp as life it self and the annoying blurring of movement was totally gone. Some corners were cut though but not too badly. Otherwise the movie was as expected. Nothing extraordinary with the plot (if you have read the book), or with the characters. If you can survive the dish washing scene in the beginning (you'll know) this is a really good movie. Just make sure to wear a pointy hat in the theater and make sure that your date is OK with that.  

Critic 2


This is a movie about a novel by Tolkien. A hobbit will have a big adventure. I was surprised how well it merged in the similar world with the movies from the Lord's of the rings by the same director. The 3D effects were better than usual, a new technique seem to be promising. I liked the movie although some similar scenes with LOTR movies could have been filmed from different angles. I liked a bit slow phase of the movie and in the end after almost three hours I would have still wanted to stay in the theater and watch more.  

A very good movie.
Judgement Star: The Hobbit is a very good movie.

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