Saturday, December 1, 2012

Imaginaerum (2012): Bizarre in a good way.


Critic 1


Usually when a band has some issues with their old members they trash the issue in the popular media and downplay as much as they can. But the Nightwish made a movie... Movie itself is very unorthodox and surprising in both weird and captive ways and very touchy. There is no telling what comes next.. Unfortunately the acting is not up to standards and being "a musical" there is less music you would expect. Visually the movie was quite nice. Specially the final scenes.  If you want to see something different this is for you. 


Critic 2


The Nightwish band made a movie. Initially I thought that it would be a musical, but the movie included surprisingly few musical performances. Somehow I was hoping to see more of them. The best in the movie were music and dreamy visions, unfortunately the basic storyline was nothing new. But if the storyline would have been complicated maybe movie would have been difficult to understand. The dreams and "real" story folded together nicely. The computer effects also looked fine. Actors were actually good and I'm glad that they chose real actors in roles instead amateurs.

A fair movie.
Judgement Star: A fair movie with some weaknesses.

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