Saturday, December 1, 2012

Star Trek - Generations (1994): And Captain Kirk saves the day.



Critic 1


The first Star Trek movie with Captain Picard shows promise in the beginning but turns down to metaphysical mumbojumbo. Again the crew of the Enterprise fights mystical forces and evildoers with grater-than-life plans, a bunch of Klingons are mixed in the soup and dead Captain Kirk shows up. So it is a common day in the Star Trek universe. The visual effects are clearly better than in the previous Star Trek movies and there is even a minor space fight. As a date movie... Are you kidding? You are a Star Trek fan. You don't have a real date... 

Critic 2


The Star Trek saga continues with the next generation. The story stars a bit slowly, but improves later. The ideas in the storyline are diverse, but plot doesn't grab a full usage of them. Computer generated graphics are nice although not spectacular. The ending feels a bit prolonged but by thinking of a story it is justified. I got the feeling that this is a transition movie and next movie will fully focus on next generation and I will see a real space adventure. 

An average movie.
Judgement Star: Generations is an average movie.


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