Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Bourne Legacy: Can talk the talk. Can't walk the walk.

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Critic 1

Where is the tension? Where is the intelligence? A lot of talking and distracting flashbacks from the Bourne Ultimatum. I can see that the movie is very hard to follow for those who have not seen the previous Bournes. The few action bits were done with care and the casting had been done nicely. Solid option for a first dates. Not too much of splatter or excess violence. Be prepared to explain all the previous Bourne movies though...

Critic 2 

The movie tells another agent in a similar program as Jason Bourne was. Even not present in the movie Bourne still causes trouble to Bournes former superiors. When people on higher echelons start to act there will be collateral damages. Aaron Cross is not going to be one who will be trampled on. A beautiful science woman also tags along, but Aaron doesn't mind. Basic plot is very simple but bad guys talk about projects, processes, etc. and are trying to deceive those who watch the movie so that they would think it's difficult or clever movie. The movie is ok action movie but when it belong to Bourne series I was expecting more. It brings to you the world's best agent after Jason Bourne, seriously, this guy...    

A good movie even without Matt Damon
Judgement Star: The Bourne Legacy is a good movie even without Matt Damon.

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