Saturday, September 29, 2012

Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan (DVD): Genetically superior.

Critic 1

The ruthless run trough the Star Trek box continues... After seeing The Motion Picture expectations were not exactly high. But I was wrong. As the common wisdom within the www states this could be one of the best Star Treks (I'm not saying it yet...). William Shatner's role was not as prominent so his lack of acting skills did not bother that much. Again the special effects were extremely nice taken into account that the production year is 1982. And this time not so acidic. The plot was nice though some proper background setting would have been nice. It's kind of gruel to leave a bunch of people on a foreign planet... As before a spectacular movie and your date has to be also.   

Critic 2

Star Trek saga continues in a much more tightly written movie than the first one was. Old enemies of former captain Kirk rises from the past. This movie was perhaps not so spectacular than the previous one, but story flowed smoother. In this movie the space was not the great wilderness with wonders rather than a place where an adventure happened. The movie includes some personal details of the main characters past and heartbreaking moments.

Star trek the wrath of khan is a ok movie
The Judgement star: The Wrath of Khan is a OK movie.


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