Monday, September 17, 2012

The Bourne Ultimatum: 007 with a fieldcraft.

Critic 1

As a teaser before the upcoming Bourne Legacy we'll review the previous Bourne movie. The movie flows on with this deceptive slow phase. Action coils around itself during the last minutes and keeps the tension up until the end. The Booms and crashes are made superbly and script is complicated enough. A good choice if you are dating "a rough" girl.

Critic 2 

Third movie of agent Jason Bourne saga. It helps to understand the movie if you have seen two previous ones on series, but it's not neccessary. Again Jason Bourne is in trouple in agent business and he want's to survive (well who doesn't...). The topic is kinda same as previous Bourne movies, but it's an excellent action movie with an actual plot.

The bourne ultimatum. An excellent movie.
Judgement Star: The Bourne Ultimatum is an excellent movie.

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