Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lawless: Hillbillies Hurraa!!!

Critic 1

An excellent description of life in the backwoods of USA. You are what you are on basis of what you can do and deliver. The weak will perish. The settings of the movie are really authentic... You can almost smell the cow manure. Plot is simple but if you think that somebody actually lived trough something like that it kind of brings it into a perspective. No useless characters or too long lull episodes. Remember to ease your arm around your date during the bar fight scene. 

Critic 2

An interesting and well written movie depicting small town in the 1920's USA during prohibition law. Actors gave good performances and settings were excellent, so movie gave "real feeling". From the trailer you might get an impression that Gary Oldman has a big role in the movie, but it's only advertisement trick. There are some nasty violent scenes, but they only show that hitting really hurts.

Judgement Star for Lawless.
Judgement Star: Excellent movie.

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