Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Whats going on in here?


Movies are starting to be very expensive to watch and the quality of the *wood productions is becoming lower and lower.... After seeing several useless productions with hideous prize it's time to do something. We'll try to save you from the trouble of seeing these worthless movies.


Ruthless critics are a couple of movie enthusiasts without any ties to *****wood companies, movie distributors or magazines. So movie reviews will be objective.


We will  give out our unbiased opinion about currently showing movies and perhaps DVD's if applicable. We'll try to answer questions like:
  • Is this a good for a first date movie (some personal fails here...)?
  • I liked the previous similar movie or sequel. Is this as good?
  • Is this worth of 12 euros (current price of 3D movie in our home town)?



The first and foremost thing is that we will try to follow the KISS rule. A couple of words of plot and couple of more about the things worth mentioning or something like that. We'll leave you with an opportunity to be surprised.   

We will not use the common starring system. Any amount of stars is just too linear way to describe complex things like movies.  We'll use a five point thing that I'll call "The Judgement Star". We'll grade the following things:
  • Expectation. How the movie follows the image formed by the marketing, previous sequels and so on.
  • Cleverness. Is the plot intelligent? Is there something new? 
  • Sexiness. Bare boobs are in place in some movies but not in all...
  • Action. Is the action flowing? Is there enough of it?
  • Visual look. How does it look like?
The visual grade of a perfect movie is shown below. Note that movie can be worth watching even with a low overall score. It's more important that there is something that makes it stand up from the crowd.

The Judgement Star representing a perfect movie.
A perfect "Judgement Star".
As you might have deduced there are two of us. We'll post our separate comments in order to give wider base for Your decision. Note that the "good for first dates" applies usually on DVD's also if the movie is not running in theaters anymore.

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