Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blade Runner - The final Cut (DVD) : Do you have to like the classics?

Critic 1

I finally took some time and watched this classic science fiction movie. I can see why this movie is considered a classic but I can also see why the initial response was not so good. The plot is rather simple and Harrison Ford does not convince in a serious role. Some of the effects are really nice. So nice that the modern computer generated systems have hard time to follow. In overall the IMDB score of 8.3 is too much. If you want to spend some time with a entertaining movie pick some other. If you want to civilize yourself this is a good option. Risky as a first date movie... You may give a wrong impression.   

Critic 2 

This movie tells about about a dystopian future of mankind who has created artificial humans. But sometimes it's hard to know who is really a human and in what standards. It was nice to watch this movie again. I didn't remember that it dealt with some many different themes and how the layers of story fold up nicely when you watch it multiple times. The movie describes very visually the future world and feeling of dystopia is very real.  Main tune of the movie is kind of sad. I watched the director's cut version and now I'm curious to see the original theater version with narrator included.

Some mixed feelings here.
Judgement Star: Some mixed feelings here.

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