Saturday, September 29, 2012

Book: Leviathan Wakes - James S. A. Corey

Milton Friedman. Look what you have done...

A refreshing look to the not-so-distant future. The spaceships do not just mysteriously overcome the laws of physics and the level of technology in general is comprehensible to the average reader. The plot and the story flows much alike in the Song of Ice and Fire. No surprise here. James S. A. Corey is an alias for one of GRRM's assistants. But this is not just a good thing. There are only few characters and the storytelling does not fit a such small bunch of people. The world described in the book is just like I would see the status of humanity after about 200 years. The predatory capitalism of Milton Friedman has ran it's course and the true power comes with the money. Read the book and see what happens. A very good book despite the small storytelling annoyances. Waiting to read the next episode... 
- Critic #1

Leave it in trash - Take it as a gift  - Buy it from a discount - Buy a Hardcover - For the prime spot on the shelf

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