Monday, September 17, 2012

Cosmopolis (2012): A mildly difficult movie.

Critic 1

If you prefer a movies that don't need concentrating this is not for you. Movie takes place mainly in a limousine where a arrogant businessman bounces his subordinates around. The dialog probably has some philosophical depths in it but I need much more wine before getting grasp of it. Get a date with a philosophy degree and reserve a few bottles of wine. Not good otherwise.

Critic 2 

The movie tells about incredible rich golden boy who goes around New York in a limousine. Maybe this movie was an allegory or maybe it was a dream with random sequences or maybe main character did take too much drugs. If you watch this you can decide on your own does the movie make sense or not.

Cosmopolis is a complicated movie.
Judgement Star: It's a wild guess with the Cosmopolis.

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