Saturday, January 12, 2013

Frankenweenie (2012): Horror for the kids.


Critic 1

This movie is mainly for the kids and hard core Tim Burton fanatics... Or so I thought. The idea is a basic Frankenstein plot with obvious character substitutions. Tim Burtons puppet-animation style works extremely well here and the resurrected horror / tension elements really hit it home. This short and captivating movie probably suits well as a kids first "horror" film. And of course this is a good date movie. Should be easy enough to digest. 

 Critic 2

The movie is a very nice interpretation of the tale of Frankenstein. I thought this would be children's movie with several Disney singing songs. But I'm glad I was wrong. Well, there was one song, but it was creepy enough.  Black, white and grey colour scale suited to movie perfectly. This is a horror movie for children, but the movie was good and a heart warming story progressed nicely. You may also spot some references to old horror movies. Now I'm curious to see the original short version of Frankenweenie.

A nice movie.
The Judgement Star: A nice movie.

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