Sunday, February 3, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty (2012): Nothing surprising here.

Critic 1


I was wondering when somebody starts with the "USA rules" movies about the war on terror. This was in a such a fairly good movie. The story was more about individual stubbornness than superiority of a nation. But to be honest I have the feeling that the main character is not a real one and she is written in only to twist the knife in the wound. The ending was naturally spoiled long ago but the happenings after 9/11 and their links to the hunt of O.B.L were very interesting. Not really a date movie I'd say. The interrogation scenes may ruin the mood...

Critic 2

This was a movie about a hunt for a terrorist. Everyone know how the movie will end so there is nothing new in there. But the movie was well made and you still wanted to know what happened next. The style of the movie reminded a documentary and somewhat cold leading role fitted this style. Movie also represented refreshingly different female role what I have seen in long time.  For me it was hard to figure out what a director really wanted to say with this movie and I'm not sure did I get it. The movie was pretty long, but it didn't feel that long. The plot development was well done.   

A fair movie.
Judgement Star: A fair movie.


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