Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013): Let the John McClane finally die....

Critic 1


As a die hard fan of Die Hard movies I'm appalled.  This piece of art is totally unaligned compared with the true John McClane  films. All the humour is gone and the once so fluent storytelling and greater than life goons are missing.... Now I just felt that " This is what really cheap movie looks..." And  John McLane was lamer than ever... There was a Mi-24 flying around  and John is known to have taken flying lessons. Conclusion based on the old films is obvious and highly anticipated but no.... Keep clear. Do not bother your date.

Critic 2


Die Hard saga continues. The idea of the movie sounded very good, John Mclane meets his son after long time. From the previous Die Hard movies I understood that the idea of movie saga was that John McClane just happens to be there in the middle of action accidentally. This time he went straight to car chase and things started to crash. Also a character development scenes could have been less obvious. In the previous Die Hard movies there were more (funny and stupid) jokes included or maybe I remember wrong. The storyline and movie felt rushed, a cheap copy of some unknown (super)agent film. I also wondered why the aspect ratio of film screen wasn't that wide as usually in movies today. I think Die Hard saga deserves far better movies than this kind.  

close to a B-movie.
The Judgement Star: Very close to be a B-movie.

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