Monday, April 1, 2013

Cloud Atlas (2012): Some fancy acting here...

Critic 1


I think that I have to find the Cloud Atlas novel from somewhere and read it. That was the first feeling after the movie. The beginning of the movie was slightly confusing and the knowledge based on the novel would have helped to get more out from the movie. The casting of the movie was excellent and after a while I understood that the movie had actually been made maybe like with ten different actors. The movie looked really nice and needless to say that the plot was interesting but maybe slightly complicated to persons who have not read the novel. More original view of the human future would have been in order. Without going into details the bad capitalists are ruining the earth... Again. A very nice date movie. Just sharpen your mind for the inevitable philosophic discussion afterwards.

Critic 2


Cloud Atlas told stories from different times. These stories were connected with little details or perhaps there was more, but I'm not sure if I got all the clues. At first some stories were more interesting than others, but in time all of them grew to be interesting. Sometimes it was fun to try to guess which actor played the role, since main actors had several roles in different times. The movie was quite long, but stories weren't dull. Some of the stories included a bit of philosophical pondering, but nothing too heavy or shocking. In the end some of the stories seemed a little bit rushed. A very well made movie and good actors. Visions from future looked great.

A very good movie.
The Judgement Star: Coud Atlas is a very good movie.

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