Monday, April 22, 2013

Oblivion (2013): Ripping off from the Independance Day...

Critic 1

A very clean movie compared to our resent reviews. Tom Cruise does what he is used to do. Acts clinically, professionally and slips off without leaving big emotions behind. However - SPOILER ALERT !!! - The way the word ends this time is truly awful. Millions and millions of T.C.'s embarking from alien ships... Horror indeed. And would kill first as usual. The end game was a rip-off from the Independence Day. You'll see. Nevertheless a good, entertaining movie.  Safe option for a date movie.

Critic 2


The future, aliens have attacked and there is no more people living in the earth, only a couple who is maintaining water collectors. Somehow it's again very clean and dustless inside the future home. At some point story starts to drag a bit and looses it's focus. I was hoping that this science fiction movie would have presented more original ideas. Even if it lacks originality,  the movie has very nice cgi graphics. Actors were ok, especially I liked Andrea Riseborough as an ambitious woman.

A good movie.
Judgement Star: A fairly good movie.

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