Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Star Trek - Into Darkness (2013): Like a Bond movie in space....

Critic 1

When I go to see a Star Trek movie I would like to see epic space fights, exotic new races (Klingon's at least) and hear some double minded comments from captain Kirk. What I do not want to see is a copy of the Moonraker. I wasn't overly surprised though. The plot was what I feared based on the trailers I saw. Apart of the evident lack of proper space fights the movie was really nice. Especially the visual effects were extremely good. Plot was ok but as I said I expected something else. An acceptable date movie. Even a total Star Trek n00b can appreciate the visual effects of this movie.

Critic 2

This is a next Star Trek movie in a new timeline. The movie begins about from the situation were the previous one was left. The beginning of the movie was very good and hooked the watcher. In my opinion the setting for the plot the were very interesting and movie dealt with the issues quite satisfyingly. Well, there were some holes in the plot if you think too carefully, but during the movie I didn't pay much attention to these. I think three main actors were exceptionally good. Visual effect were pretentious and nice to watch. If you liked  the the previous Star Trek movie you will probably like this one too. 

Into Darkness is a good movie.
Judgement Star: Into Darkness (2013).

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