Sunday, April 21, 2013

Warm Bodies (2013): Promises, promises.....

Critic 1


Zombies are really the hottest of hot currently. And it was only a matter of time when someone makes some fun out of it. Warm Bodies is a nice effort but not a masterpiece.  The trailers gave a very promising picture of the movie but the reality was much lamer. There were some nice comics embedded in the movie but not enough. Now the movie was not a comedy, horror movie or a love story either. But it is a good date movie. Happy ending leaves a nice after movie feeling.

Critic 2


A story of a forbidden love. Zombies have populated most parts of the Earth and humans are living in small fortresses. But then with a whim of  a destiny a girl and a boy meet. It doesn't matter if their kin hate each other. The movie wraps a love story and zombies in a very refreshing package. It never forgets it's roots in zombie movies, but it's still and all a funny love story with style. The length of the movie was just right. Also, Nicholas Hoult did very nice work in a leading role.    

Conflicting stars
Judgement Star: Conflicting stars for once.

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