Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lone survivor (2013): One more jump....

Critic 1


I felt bad. I felt really bad when the guys jumped the cliff... Again. On the other hand I had to think that they get what they ordered. Moving in on enemy territory without working comms and not thinking ahead what to do with local civs if encountered... Aaaarhg... A very no-nonsense movie with dramatic and intensive scenes regarding action and visuality. However as in Battleship with same director (Peter Berg) the plot was kind of shallow. If your date likes Mark Wahlberg or has hots for SEALs go for it...


Critic 2


Movie tells about a group of  soldiers surviving of a failed mission on Afghanistan. Well, the name of movie already revels how many actually survived... The plot is quite straightforward, but on the other hand I think this movie was planned to be action centered movie. There are a lot of action scenes and these action scenes are working well, but overall story is only average and sometimes you are thinking that no wonder their mission failed and did this really happen, since the movie says it is based on a true story. I think this movie is directed mostly to an American audience.        

Left some mixed feelings.
Judgement star: Some mixed feelings here...

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