Friday, August 9, 2013

Pacific Rim (2013): Big, nasty and beautiful.

Critic 1


Guillermo del Toro has a reputation to produce very bizarre and disturbingly graphic movies. Pacific Rim is not an exception. The Kaijus and Jaegers are exceptionally well animated and for once the 3D is more of an improvement than a handicap. Unfortunately the plot has all the Hollywood must-be's. Some hidden agendas, love story and crazy scientist... And some kamikaze bravery to indulge Japanese viewers. If your date is not into Japanese stuff do not bother. A very nice movie anyhow.

Critic 2

This is a movie about a distant future, where aliens came. In the beginning of the movie many things were already explained, so I was wondering will it going be a boring movie. It wasn't. Guillermo del Toro didn't let an audience down this time either. I think this was a good movie. I could have never imagined that big robots and monsters who fight each others would make an interesting movie. I'm happy I was wrong. The movie had exceptionally well made 3D effects and I'm glad to see a 3D movie that doesn't have constant blurring of the fast movements. Big robots and monsters looked good in 3D, so they actually used 3D for make a better visual movie, not just movie in 3D. Actrors were ok also.   

Extremely graphic movie
Judgement Star: A really nice movie.


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